CBDN finalizes its governance campaign publishing its annual report 2021 in English

As an important part of its commitment towards transparency and accountancy to its stakeholders, the CBDN – Brazilian Snow Sports Federation presents its 2021 Annual Report.

“Our 2021 Annual Management Report is one of the best tools for the management team to increase transparency towards its stakeholders about what was done in the season. This year’s report is a very important edition as it represents the closure of an Olympic and Paralympic cycle where Brazil reached its best snow results ever.” states Anders Pettersson, CBDN president.

In another year tragically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world suffered with it as the Brazilian athletes did. Still tough, the main sports events were organized and the Brazilian athletes achieved their best performances ever. The highlight of the season was Cristian’s Ribera Silver World Championships Sprint Medal, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games results and Sebastian Bowler 4th place at the Freeski World Junior Championships.

Besides the foreword by the President, Anders Pettersson, and the Chairman of the Board, Leonardo Pereira, the annual report features for the second year a dedicated ESG chapter, in addition to sports results, financial results, communication and marketing results, among other areas.

“This year Annual Report clearly shows how engaged the snow sports community is in Brazil and how this positive ecosystem can drive people to achieve great results in all areas” says Pedro Cavazzoni, CBDN CEO.

Click here to access the 2021 Annual Report

The report is the final piece of CBDN large Governance campaing that featured transparency to its stakeholders according to his/hers interest. Besides the annual report 2021, two technical reports, two communications report and a special Olympic and Paralympic Games report were published in the past weeks.

Technical Reports

Communications Reports

Olympic and Paralympic Games Report