The CBDN – Brazilian Snow Sports Federation publishes its annual report comprising 2022/2023 results in English.

CBDN is very committed to governance, transparency, and integrity to its stakeholders. The Annual Report is a key piece in its governance and transparency annual campaign that goes along with four other reports published in Portuguese.

“This is the 5th year we publish our annual report in the current format, with standardized metrics reported every year. This brings an unvaluable view of the organization and its results to our stakeholders where they can compare year after year CBDN’s position in a wide array of KPIs and information”, states Anders Pettersson, CBDN’s President.

This year marked the return to near full normalcy after 2 heavily pandemic affected years. Sports events returned in full speed and athletes were able to train and compete without any restriction.

On the sports side, the season 2022/2023 once again registered Brazil in the snow sports history books, with Brazil first World Championships Title at the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships held in Oestersund, Sweeden. Aline Rocha won the Sprint putting the Brazilian flag at the highest post for the first time in the event. Aline’s 3 medals, one gold and two bronzes, combined with Cristian Ribera’s bronze medal at the Sprint, placed Brazil 9th at the event overall medal table.

This outstanding campaign alongside several others unprecedent sports results can be seen in detail at the Report. Besides the sports results the Report also presents a foreword by the President, Anders Pettersson, and the Chairwoman of the Board, Edith Bertoletti, in addition to a dedicated ESG chapter, financial results, communication and marketing results, among other areas.

“The Annual Report provides to all stakeholders a nice glance of the year most important results in every aspect involving the organization and snow sports in Brazil. It also provides the path for those who wants to dive deep in some of the topics like the sports performances, financial results or communication and marketing results. This report shows that a small group of very committed people can achieve incredible results.” says Pedro Cavazzoni, CBDN CEO.

Click here to access the 2022 Annual Report

For several years, the Brazilian Snow Sports Federation have increasingly placed effort towards governance, transparency, and integrity. The annual report in English is the final piece of its seasonal campaign that aims to communicate to all of its stakeholders according to their interest. Besides the Annual Report 2022, two sports reports, two communications reports, besides the full financial accounts audited report.

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