As an important part of its governance and transparency commitment, the CBDN – Brazilian Snow Sports Federation presents its 2020 management annual report.

“Our annual report is a key piece of our governance. It is one of our main tools to properly and proactively communicate the activities to our key stakeholders in a very transparent way. The report content and tone are well adjusted to the relevant audience.” states Anders Pettersson, CBDN president.

In a year tragically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the snow sports and snow tourism world faced many unusual and additional challenges. The annual report presents some of these challenges and how the Brazilian snow sports community dealt with it.

For the first year, the federation added a dedicated ESG area to report on its plan, initiatives, and actions on the 3 areas, and it will, from now on, report it in a standardize way.

“Despite all the difficulties faced this year, it is very rewarding to see how fast everyone involved adapted and the incredible results we achieved” says Pedro Cavazzoni, CBDN CEO.

Click here to access the 2020 Annual Report